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Animal communication

Energy reading:

life mission, blockages and messages from animals

What is that ?

The animal connection or communication allows the reading of the energy of pets or wild animals. During an animal connection you will receive a lot of information about the life mission, the blockages and the messages of the animals. We will look for the resonance that exists between you and your animal in order to go back to the source and thus allow your animal to deliver its message and free you both from blockages.

For who ?

Animal connection or communication is made for anyone who wants a better understanding of their animal and themselves. Whether it is behavioral problems or simply the desire to better understand your animal, this technique makes it possible to highlight the messages of the animals and to understand why animal and guardian have found each other.
The session can also be offered to a loved one. His/her agreement will nevertheless remain essential before the session.
Animal communication is aimed at everyone, adults and children and is carried out on all animals.

Course of the session

The session takes place both face to face and remotely and is recorded to allow you to listen as many times as necessary to the extensive information you will receive. The session lasts 45 minutes. I also propose 20-minute follow-up and support sessions after a first 45-minute session.


animal communication, 45 min: 90 CHF

follow-up animal communication, 20 min: 45 CHF

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