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Energy treatment:

restructuring and balancing of the body

What is that ?

LaHoChi is a very powerful energy healing technique. It is a spiritual energy with very high vibrational frequencies. The very high energetic vibration brought by LaHochi allows you, little by little, at your personal pace, to increase your vibratory rate and thereby your consciousness. And it is by expanding your awareness that LaHoChi allows you to move forward on yourself. LaHoChi dissolves energy blockages responsible for physical, emotional and psychic imbalances.

For who ?

LaHoChi is for you if you are looking to harmonize your body and access a greater understanding of life to better help yourself. LaHoChi can be used alone or in combination with other treatment approaches. Its effects are particularly beneficial on emotional wounds. The practice is very interesting when there is trauma, shock or repetitive patterns that lock you up and want to break free.
The session can also be offered to a loved one and is for everyone, adults and children.

Course of the session

The large format session includes 30 minutes of discussion on your situation and your problem with flash scans of your energy then 1 hour of treatment. This energetic treatment can be done remotely or in person. For the remote session, you just need to be comfortably installed, lying down or sitting down and let the energy work. You can reactivate this energy yourself for 3 days after the session. You will feel the beneficial effect on your general well-being.


LaHoChi treatment, 1h: 55 CHF

therapeutic scanning® and LaHoChi treatment, 1h30: 115 CHF

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