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My story

I am Astrid, my head always in the stars. I have lived on autopilot for a long time. Little by little, letting myself be guided, I became a doctor in organic chemistry. I would say by accident if I didn't know that nothing happens for no reason. So here I am in a research career. But it was only to be an experience in my story and life changed my direction. I did not immediatley understand the message. I wandered without finding my way. The Universe had to take out the heavy artillery to realign me. I went through a huge personal crisis, harder than I thought I could handle. What I thought was the worst ordeal of my life was actually a wonderful hidden gift. It took me several years to figure it out. Without this disappointment I would have missed all these encounters and all these experiences that bring me where I am today.

I wouldn't want to be anywhere but here and now!

I am honored to be a part of your path and help you align the stars .

It is in this light that I created "Apixiia's energies" and "Apixiia's potions".


I invite you to discover:

"Apixiia's energies"

energy reading and treatments

"Apixiia's potions"

making your homemade soaps and potions

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