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Corinne Jacomin

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How about revealing the best version of yourself? Thanks to the therapeutic scan, by connecting me to your energy, your history and your talents, I bring to light the hidden messages of the body.

With authenticity, serenity and sometimes humor, I help you find simple and concrete solutions to reach your full potential. I welcome your laughter, your astonishment and even your tears with discretion and modesty.

I offer general scans or specific scans, such as on the romantic relationship, professional career, family balance, relationship to money, etc.

With a 20-year career in Human Resources in large groups, my approach is pragmatic and gives you the keys to understanding the psychological mechanisms that have been playing out and replaying for years, even lifetimes.


Who am I ?

Graduated from a Business School, I have been working in Human Resources, recruitment and career management for nearly twenty years in large international groups. A priori I lacked nothing: a wonderful family, friends, a job, a house ... I had several warning signs from my body as a result, which made me wonder about their meaning . And I understood. Today in full health, I decided to listen to this inner voice to support people differently, and to become a practitioner in therapeutic scanning.

Today I live in Lyon, a city full of great energy.


The therapeutic scan is an energetic reading of your body, your brain and your information field.


As far as the body is concerned, by connecting to your energy, I will share with you the areas of fluidity and the areas of blockages if your body is showing signs of dysfunction. Through the metaphysics of ailments and diseases, I will seek the emotional and psychic sources, and will offer you solutions to re-circulate the energy.


By scanning your brain, I will share with you the information about your ways of functioning, the biases that prevent you from being in true love with yourself and others.


I will also share with you elements of your informational field. It contains symbolic information that talks about you, your general condition, and your relationship to the world.


The scan is done remotely, and does not require any special effort on your part. You can choose a format of 1h or 1h30. We can tackle themes such as relationships, money, health, work ...

You then receive the recording of the session, which will allow you to listen to the information again in due time, which will help you to implement the actions to create new areas of opportunity, while being aware of your evolution each time. listen.


Examples of situations where therapeutic scanning can help you

I can help you make choices, take actions that are more consistent with your inner personality, help you feel better on a daily basis, whether at work or with your family ... You come out of the session with a mapping of your strengths, your weak points and the potentials that you can start to experience as soon as the session is over.

For example :

Your relationships with others: You are subjected to tyrannical behavior from your children. You feel uncomfortable because of a fast pace of work and a demanding family life. You are in conflict with your spouse ...

Your well-being and your health: You are depressed without really knowing why. You have pain or even declared illnesses. You have a complicated relationship with food, a phobia or an addiction ...

Your professional life and your money: You don't understand why you aren't making more money. You are looking for a new professional project. You are stuck at the idea of having a recruitment interview ...


“My meeting with Corinne will forever be engraved in my memory as a highlight of my life. Corinne read me as in an open book. She revealed to me my strengths, weaknesses and potentials.

With infinite benevolence, she allowed me to see myself as I really am, as if she had placed a mirror in front of me reflecting my soul.

Corinne answered all my questions and offered me actions that made me feel better.

Corinne is a very beautiful person, and listening to her precious advice has been very beneficial to me and I cannot thank her enough.



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