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Do you feel that you are out of your way? Is your body sending you messages through physical and/or emotional pain that you don't understand?
Do you want to align the stars and unleash your full potential?

The therapeutic scanning® is the perfect tool to help you.

Siwa thé petite.jpg

Do you want to say stop to the spiral in which you believe you are sinking? Discover the tools of Apixiia's energies to identify and release your blockages and your limiting beliefs in order to restore momentum to your life and finally align the stars.

These tools also adapt to animals and it becomes possible to receive their messages and accompany them.

"Apixiia's energies
reading and energy healing 

Do you want to put some naturalness back in your life? Zero waste attracts you? Find out how to easily make your body and home potions.

"Apixiia's potions"

making your homemade soaps and potions

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