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Chakras alignment

Energy treatment:

harmonization of energies and deep well-being

What is that ?

The chakras allow energy to circulate in the physical body, they also allow cleaning of stagnant energy, they are points of entry and exit of energy in the physical body. They are wheels of energy that allow the circulation of this energy in and out of the body.
Each chakra manages a nerve plexus and a hormonal gland.

For who ?

When you experience discomfort, emotion, unresolved problems, in case of stress, or if you have knots related to your emotional past, the chakras go into protection mode and close, preventing the energy from circulating. This imbalance favors the onset of physical and psychological disorders. Cleanse and harmonize your chakras is to act as a preventive measure and preserve your health.
The session can also be offered to a loved one and is for everyone, adults and children.

Course of the session

The session can be done both face-to-face and remotely. I connect to your energy to feel the blocked chakras. I use my magnetism to release the blockages. This harmonization can also be coupled with a deeper reading of your energy to unleash your potential.


chakras alignment, 30 min: 35 CHF

chakras alignment and therapeutic scanning®, 1h00: 95 CHF

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