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Access bars®

Energy treatment:

release from blockages and limiting beliefs

What is that ?

A session of Access Bars® allows you to free yourself from limiting beliefs and hidden memories that cut you off from your consciousness. It is in unconsciousness that you create and generate diseases without your knowledge. Bars give you the opportunity to become more aware and what has been created unconsciously has the possibility of no longer being created. Your body will choose what is ready to go. The cleaning of stored memories allows you to get out of the limitations that you impose on yourself and to free yourself from beliefs in order to access to more consciousness, freedom and well-being.

For who ?

Access bars® is made for those who want to:

- lower their stress level

- take some distance from complicated situations

- increase their ability to let go and let be

- discover nourishing and benevolent energies

- promote a joyful relationship with their body

- discover more peaceful spaces

- promote their ability to do several things at the same time in a state of relaxed concentration

The session can also be offered to a loved one and is for everyone, adults and children.

Course of the session

The Access Bars® session takes place in person at your home (Geneva/Haute-Savoie) or outdoors if the weather permits.

32 points on your head are activated by a light pressure. Your body will relax and let go of all the things that are blocking you. You do not have to have a particular expectation, the method allows you to rebalance the aspects of your life that need it.


Access bars® session, 1h15: 90 CHF

Access bars® and therapeutic scanning® session, 1h45: 150 CHF

Add the travel package of 35 CHF.

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