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therapeutic scanning.png

Energy reading:

identification of blockages and release of your full potential

animal communication.png

Energy reading:
life mission, blockages and messages from animals

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Energy treatment:

release from blockages and limiting beliefs

chakras alignment.png

Energy treatment:

harmonization of energies and deep well-being

lahochi paillettes.png

Energy healing:
restructuring and balancing of the body

Fascinated for a long time by energy, I made the decision to train myself in different techniques. This allows me today to offer you several tools to show you how to align the stars.
Do you feel out of step? You are not in your place? Do you see your life going by without being the actor? Do you have addictions? Does your body develop diseases?
Nothing is immutable. I can offer you energy reading and treatments to help you identify the source of your blockages and unleash your full potential.
The therapeutic scanning®, the LaHoChi and the chakras alignment are practiced both remotely and in person. Access bars® treatment is only practiced in person.

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