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Therapeutic scanning®

Energy reading:

identification of blockages and release of your full potential

What is that ?

The therapeutic scanning® allows the reading of the energy of your body as well as that which surrounds you and accompanies you. During a therapeutic scan® you will receive a lot of information on your functioning and identify your blockages. We will go back to the source to allow you to free yourself from it and finally be able to express your full potential. You will be able to understand how to respect who you really are and align the stars.

For who ?

The therapeutic scanning® is made for all those who want a better understanding of themselves. This technique makes it possible to raise awareness of the messages that your body sends you by different means: pain, fatigue, weight problems, discomfort, addictions... Once the message is understood, the energy circulates without being blocked and no longer causes symptom. You regain your freedom!
The session can also be offered to a loved one. His/her agreement will nevertheless remain essential before the scan.
The therapeutic scanning® is for everyone, adults and children.

Course of the session

The session takes place both face-to-face and remotely and is recorded so that you can listen to the extensive information you will receive as many times as necessary. The session lasts 1 hour. You can opt for a general scan or focus the reading on a specific theme. I also offer 20 minutes follow-up and support sessions after a first 1 hour scan.


therapeutic scan®, 1h: 180 CHF

follow-up therapeutic scanning®, 20 min: 60 CHF

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