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After our scan, I focused on myself to work on letting go with meditations, walks to refocus and work on myself, there has been a big change, I manage to let others do it and live in the present moment without too many questions ... great improvement!!


I had the chance to test the therapeutic scanning with Astrid ... bluffing!


The session we did helped me a lot in my daily life, especially in controlling my anxieties; I manage to calm down, thank you.


It allowed me to forgive myself and to stop living in guilt, to be less waiting for others.

Then in relation to the difficulties with which I was confronted the attitude was more positive and more in the search for solutions.


The therapeutic scanning allowed me to take stock in order to become aware of certain things blocked in me.

Thanks to the various tips received during the scan, I was able to move forward using the positive points of my personality and using what was lying dormant in me to make it blossom and truly be me.


Therapeutic scanning.
This is a wonderful experience to live.
You will be taken care of and guided step by step with deep kindness for this fabulous journey deep within yourself.
You come out changed and above all equipped with tools to understand and make decisions.
I fully recommend Astrid who is a delightful listener.
Already amazed during this session, many things were unlocked in the following days and the changes, the improvements that were struggling to come took place in a divine fluidity.
Deep gratitude. Thank you


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